John Bubb

Saglek Air Station—Labrador

A collection of personal thoughts and memories from my tours of duty in Hopedale and Saglek during 1969 and 1970

Contained here are all the best pictures I took in Saglek and some additional information about the site including a sound clip.

During the building of this site pages, these are other links I found relating to the DEW Line, the Pinetree Line and BMEWS.

Layout of our site and technical details regarding the work required to maintain communications during the cold war.

This album of Saglek pictures was taken by Ken King and are used with his permission

Take a walk around the catwalk of the Saglek Radome in 1962 in this moving panoramic view.

Then view Fred’s gallery of Saglek Pictures in slideshow format.

Saglek Pictures by Fred Boutin

These pages contain many of Yaro’s pictures and a copy of a Command Post article from November 1965